The 5 Greatest Cleavage Shots Ever

Quite simply, men like looking at breasts and the cleavage that goes along with them. There’s magazines devoted to that topic. Websites, too. Some of the most popular sites on the Internet make their living supplying pictures of them.

So I dug around, look at some sites (that’s right, I do the horrible research so you don’t have to) and found the 5 best cleavage shots ever. Although the first isn’t really cleavage, it’s just a nice sentiment on the lass’s shirt.

Free hugs, indeed.
Free hugs

Two arms wrapped around them, and they’re still spilling out all over the place.
Her bust runneth over

It looks like the shirt’s collar is being ripped apart.
The shirt barely contains

I think her shirt might be a bit small. She seems to be popping out of it.
Poppin' out

Nothing to say about this one. Pure awesome.

Think I missed a better one? I doubt it, but go on and put up a link to a pic you think is better.






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