About the Path Into Darkness

Front Cover

The Path Into Darkness

  • Publisher:  Lulu
  • Pub. Date: September 2008
  • ISBN-13: 9780557003808
  • 271pp

Mark Roberts is a nervous, anxious office worker living a mundane existence in New York City. But when he becomes beset by recurrent nightmares and hallucinations of magical rituals, he tries to learn what is happening to his once-normal life. His search for answers takes him from his home in Manhattan to the long-time family home in Massachusetts, before he learns that his fate is intertwined with a ruined tower in the highlands of Scotland.
Along the way, he discovers his own recently developed aptitude for magic is tied directly to a cycle of reincarnation that puts him in the center of a centuries old battle for possession of his restless soul. As he is initiated into the secret world of magic and sorcery, Mark discovers that there is no such thing as simple coincidence and that hidden hands pull at the strings of his life.

Available at Amazon and Lulu.

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  1. […] The Path Into Darkness is available as a free download for the month of November.  Please download it, read it, and comment about it below.  Share it with friends if you’d like.  If you like it, go and buy one of the versions available at the Lulu storefront or on Amazon.  Write a review of it on one of those sites, or blog about it. […]

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