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  • Most annoying thing about Docker’s swarm mode

    The most annoying thing about running a Docker swarm — something that for the most part was pretty easy to set up and get going, has to be the flood of log messages that dockerd generates. According to this issue of github, fixing it “will require a code change, at the moment not being a […]

  • django-softdelete project on github

    django-softdelete project on github

    Inspired by a post on override the default model manager to support soft-deleting objects in the database, I decided to implement it into one of my projects.  (Yes, I know it’s an old post but it was new to me!). However, just being able to filter the query sets returned to exclude items which had […]

  • django-apikey Version Bumped

    django-apikey Version Bumped

    I haven’t spent that much time on github until recently.  Poking around there led me to create my first project repository and put in up for anyone to use:  django-apikey.  (The original post/announcement can be read here:  “django-apikey — Key Based Authorization For RESTful Django Applications”) It quickly got some feedback, all of which was […]

  • django-apikey — key based authorization for RESTful django applications

    django-apikey — key based authorization for RESTful django applications

    I just created a git repository for django-apikey, which provides an API key-based authorization backend for use with django REST services. Currently, it works with django-piston, but I do plan on adding support for other django REST packages.