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  • Using ElasticSearch As a Data Source in Django Tutorial

    Using ElasticSearch As a Data Source in Django Tutorial

    We use ElasticSearch in many different ways at the company I work for. ┬áSince we’re partly a Django shop, we decided to put together a little walk-through tutorial on building a Django app. In this app, we’re using ElasticSearch as the backing data store for everything related to the tutorial. ┬áPart 1 of the ElasticSearch […]

  • Content split going forward

    Content split going forward

    For quite a while, this blog had posts on two unrelated topics — creative writing and programming. Sure, some could make the case that writing good code is an art form, like a form of poetry, blah blah blah. In general, though, people that came to this site for programming information didn’t care about the […]

  • The Update

    The Update

    Some of you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new post in a while. That’s due to the fact that I’m 2500 (or so) miles from home and haven’t had a chance to really sit down and work up anything that’s worth posting. I have some programming stuff in the works, but that […]