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django-apikey — key based authorization for RESTful django applications


I just created a git repository for django-apikey, which provides an API key-based authorization backend for use with django REST services. Currently, it works with django-piston, but I do plan on adding support for other django REST packages.

Project Euler Problem #2


It’s been a bit of time since my last post, but now it’s back to going through Project Euler.  The second problem works with a favorite problem in computer science:  Fibonacci numbers. 

Project Euler Problem #1


Problem #1 at Project Euler is, besides being the problem with the most solutions provided to it, happens to also be a pretty good place to start working our way through the process.

Beta Test Starting Soon For Email Auto-Responder System


Mailing lists … they’re one of the most popular, and easy, methods of using your website to make money.  I’ve used a few different list manager systems over the years, but they all seemed to miss (at least) one thing that I found useful or needed to make the list behave the way I wanted […]

How to Get mod_rewrite to Work With Forms


I’ve been developing a new Web site that uses Apache‘s mod_rewrite to make “pretty” URLs instead of exposing both the script name and parameters to the end user.  For example, instead of seeing a URL like, the end user sees

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