Sending HTML Email From Python

(Due to changes in the Python standard library, I’ve posted a new updated method to send HTML email from Python.)

I forget where exactly I found this, but the other day I needed a quick Python method to send an HTML email — in my case, it was in response to a Web CGI request, but this example below is usable anywhere. The bits that need to be changed for different situations should be evident (‘somefile.txt’ for example). You will also need to point the smtplib to an actual mail server if you don’t run one on the local machine.

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Damn You, Sid Meier, and Damn Your Civilization!

Over the years, game developer Sid Meier has made some of the best selling and most loved computer games.  They also have managed to suck large amounts of my time into a black hole vortex of “just one more turn”.
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4 Steps To Remove Viruses and Remove Spyware

It came up in a discussion on Facebook yesterday and it’s the majority of my tech support business — viruses and spyware.  People, even ones who know what they’re doing, keep getting them on their computers.  There’s such a large variety of infection vectors that it’s not even something you can (realistically) blame someone for.  From email trickery to hacked up PDF files and even “drive by infections” from malformed Web page images, it’s just plain simple to get them.

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A Re-imagining…

I’ve let this blog turn fallow over the last year or so.  Due to time constraints, I hadn’t been able to post with anywhere close to the frequency that I’d like.  (It didn’t help that I lost almost all the post/comment/etc. data in the great hard drive crash of January 2010).

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