Getting and Keeping Web Traffic

I’m always doing research on how to get Web content ranked well in search engines such as Google or Bing.  Part of that research involves figuring out how to get new client Web sites ranked well in a cost-effective manner (since getting the resulting traffic for free beats everything).

Some good articles that I found this past week have some very interesting insights into how to best optimize your content, using hreflang tags seo services to get and keep that search engine traffic.

  1. On WebMaster Success, Kharim gives 13 tips on how to increase traffic to a blog, including some time honored ones that new bloggers may not know.
  2. In his post on Info Carnivore, Daniel talks about using social media to help build traffic and promote your website.  He also talks about which ones work well for him.
  3. This article on TrafficGenerationCafe has Ana giving 60 tips on how to get more blog traffic.  It’s an intriguing list that contains items I’ve seen suggested elsewhere … it also has some interesting contradictions.
  4. An older article from Manish Pandey gives 10 solid tips to increase traffic.  It’s good to have all the most useful suggestions gathered into one list.
  5. Hand in hand with increasing your traffic is how to keep them on the page.  This article about reducing bounce rate gives some good ideas on how to handle this complex problem.

Do you have any suggestions or tips that help get traffic?  Any ideas on keeping your readers engaged and lowering your bounce rate?   Drop a comment below and let us know!






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