A Re-imagining…

I’ve let this blog turn fallow over the last year or so.  Due to time constraints, I hadn’t been able to post with anywhere close to the frequency that I’d like.  (It didn’t help that I lost almost all the post/comment/etc. data in the great hard drive crash of January 2010).

So, I decided to start over.  I had soft copies of all the programming entries I had posted (Python related).  So at least I can put up that content that the majority of visits to the site came for.

Other than that stuff, however, I will be posting new stuff.  About things.  Yes, that’s right!  Every post on this blog will be about something.  But not necessarily related to anything else.  I read somewhere you’re supposed to stay on a particular topic, but to put it bluntly:  I can’t do that.  I have my hands in too many pots (or some other mangled metaphor) to do that.  I run a business.  I write fiction.  I’m an editor at an online short story magazine.  I often wander into the great outdoors and do dangerous things on the sides of mountains.

My life doesn’t stay on one topic, so my blog probably won’t either.  But I’ll try to be concise and entertaining.  That’s the least I can do (not entirely true, I could not blog anything at all, but that wouldn’t be entertaining).

And before I forget, in honor of the re-imagining of this site, I’ve opted to be a rebel and redo the theme.  That’s right, where once the site had shades of gray for color, it now uses shades of blue.






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